Are you feeling FRUSTRATED with being overweight, mentally drained from life's demands?

Sick of going through the cycle of losing/gaining and feel like you are back to where you started with even more fat and less muscle mass than you started with. With your self belief and confidence on the floor.

We tend to start working on the surface to solve the problem, we jump on the next fad diet or exercise plan. We start to cut out food groups such as carbohydrates or maybe skip meals, both causing havoc with our blood sugar levels which in turn make you want to eat the first bit of sugar you see. We have done this time and time again and it hasn't worked longterm and we still think that the result is going to be different this time.


What if you stopped and took a look at how you are living your life, what daily CHOICES do you make in your daily routine that support a healthy weight?

Do you eat regular, healthy meals?

Do you take time for rest and relaxation?

How are you managing the stress in your life?

Do you value this as a weight management solution?

Are you happy with your relationships? Work/personal life. The people you spend time with do they give you or take your energy?

Have you constant money worries or health worries?

What are you doing about these worries?

Are you filling your life to a void facing up to an emptiness?

How much sleep do you get and what quality of sleep is it?

Do you need to set boundaries on your time?

Are you sufficiently hydrating yourself every day? how could you remind yourself to drink water?

Are you worth the effort?

I see time and time again with clients wanting to lose weight and only focusing on diet and exercise. Looking for a quick fix, expecting results straight away.

We really need to look at all aspects of our lives, we live at such a fast pace that our bodies are in this stress response most of the day. Running from when we get up in the morning until we go to bed. We live in a culture that is committed to achievement and success, and so we move faster everyday in the race to success and security not even noticing the nudges from the body to slow down.

We don't take time to shop, prepare or cook our meals and even when we do we tend to eat with such hast that we don't even smell or chew or appreciate the food we are after preparing.We don't even take the time to enjoy the life we have achieved, our children, our home, the present moment. We are constantly living in the future, missing out on LIFE.

NOW TAKE A STEP BACK and look at your life from a helicopter point of view.


NOW talk yourself through a day in your life, starting when you get up.

Do you enjoy your days, what are your energy levels like in the morning/during the day /the evening?

Is this how you want to feel?


What changes can you make to slow your life down just one notch, what difference will that make to your body/mind and your longterm health.

Slowing down the body allows us to look around us and to analyse the really important wounds that we need to mend, wounded relationships, gaping holes in our lives, walled up, hardened emotions.

When our bodies are in the stressed state, our stress hormones are produced in the bodies, this means that the body is on high alert for danger and ready to fight or run from the danger. It is not bothered about how it will digest the next meal, it really doesn't care where the calories come from once they will fuel the muscles to get the hell out of here. But most of the time we are not in danger, we are sitting in traffic late for work or appointment getting frustrated, have a work deadline to meet. The digestion hormones like insulin are shut off and the stress hormones are produced adrenalin and cortisol meaning that the body needs instant energy as glucose and fat and when it is not used up it is stored on the body mainly around the middle area/ the organs. This combination means the body is not sending signals that its hungry, therefore we forget to eat and skip a meal, causing a drop in the blood sugar. Then when we feel hungry again the body is craving high energy foods, like fat and carbohydrates causing a spike. If we do not learn to manage our stress in our lives and become aware of the damage it causes short and longterm, we are heading for a life of chronic disease. The body can go for a certain amount of time at this level but eventually after a few warning signs, you will hit burnout, where you won't have a choice.

Is the stress in your life preventing you from managing your weight.

We need to work on the faulty foundations before we start to put wallpaper on the walls.

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