You may have thought about doing some kind of cleanse to kickstart your weight loss journey but the thought of preparing for it and actually doing it has put you off and you may have put it on the long finger for some time now.


I began to research the benefits of a cleanse/detox recently and questioned myself. With all I have to gain, why do I keep putting it off?. I realised that my biggest obstacle was the length of the detox. I was thinking of doing a 5-7 day detox. I was thinking of the time/food types/preparation required. I have a busy life with family and work, it was just not possible for me. Also the detox symptoms like headaches and the fear of being hungry (which I realised is a common fear).

As is my philosophy with making any changes to our lifestyle, it’s always SMALL STEPS TO SUCCESS. I decided to start small, with something I could achieve and build on that.

Therefore, I decided to do a ONE DAY APPLE CLEANSE.


Like so many goals we set for ourselves, we take on too much too soon and before we even start we put up physical and mental barriers to succeeding(excuses). Which stop us even starting something in the first place.The evening before with snow storm forecast, my husband had gone for supplies, he came home with wine and crisps and nice comfort foods, which did make me think ‘maybe it’s the wrong time to do it, it would be nice chilling out and vegging on comfort foods with the weather’. But no! I talked myself around. Thinking of the benefits and it being the perfect day for a detox, I can’t go anywhere, I can chill and relax and nap and read. I’ve put it off this long, just do it.’



To achieve the best result and experience less detox symptoms I eased into it by eating healthier whole foods i.e. one ingredient foods a few days up to it and reduced my caffeine/sugar intake.

  • Plan a day when you can chill out and read and be present in your life, (A non -working day).

  • The cleanse involves only eating organic ripe red apples, (I ate 4 in total), and drinking 2 litres of water throughout the day,(I drank 2 pots of lemon and ginger tea and the remainder was room temperature water)

  • Eat your apple on a plate with a knife and fork mindfully and savour every bite.(I had an apple at each mealtime with my family)

  • Nap during the day(I napped for 1 hour in the afternoon) or do some self-care activity like a relaxing bath.

  • Get to bed early.(I had a headache coming on at evening time, therefore, I went to bed at 9pm)

  • The next morning-Start by eating a light breakfast-ease yourself back to normal eating. Be more mindful of the nutrient quality of your food choices.(I drank a pint of lemon water and some chopped fruit and yogurt for breakfast)


I have to say once I started that morning with my fruit tea and then my chopped apple, I realised the hardest part was my thoughts about doing it and getting started. Although I still had to cook for my kids, I didn’t feel deprived. I was able to observe and become more aware of my automatic eating habits and food choices. We live our lives with such abundance of food and we spend a lot of time cooking, preparing and eating that we have a fear of hunger and maybe a fear of having too much time with our thoughts! (The only way to overcome our fears is to face them.) I now feel that I have achieved the one day and I feel the benefit of it in my energy levels both mentally and physically, my mind is clearer and I am feeling a lot more positive and confident to do a longer one. I feel like I have been re-booted in some way. I think in a months-time I will attempt the 2 day apple detox/cleanse. (SMALL STEPS).

If you are still not convinced, check out the benefits below:


  1. Mind- is clearer and more present/time to observe our thoughts resulting in positive outlook on life by letting go of emotional blockers.

  2. Digestion system, liver, pancreas and kidneys-it gives it time to rest and heal allowing waste material to be expelled. Feeling less bloated with a feeling of lightness in the body.

  3. Health conditions improved by detoxing.(Please consult your doctor before starting a cleanse)

  4. Energy increase-65% of our energy goes to digestion, elimination. During the detox there is fatigue but the day after renewed energy is experienced.

  5. Weight loss- bringing awareness into your eating habits and food choices and how these choices make us feel and effect our energy. When we return to normal eating we make better healthier choices that have long-term benefits to our weight and health resulting in sustainable weight loss.

  6. Hormonal levels are more balanced - helping with reduced cravings and a calmer sleep.

  7. Visible benefits -skin, eyes and hair.

  8. Better mood -Happier and more balanced and grateful for what you have.

If you would like help in making small steps to a healthier you please:

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