I work in IT, and my role is quite demanding. It can be stressful, and though the stress would pass, I felt it was still present. I had 2 sessions with Mary, which were very relaxed, and quite attentive to small details, not just in my work, but in many other areas of my life. Stress was having a bigger impact than I had realised on my health and general wellbeing.

Mary equipped me with the tools to deal with the acute moments of stress, as well as giving me an insight and awareness that helped me change my perspective, and to prepare and deal with it before it even arose. I would recommend Mary to anyone who feels they feel even a little stress in their lives, it has been a huge weight off that I hadn’t noticed I was carrying.

Patrick from Trim

Stress Management

My experience was amazing. I didn’t know where to start to go about changing my life, but knew I needed something.

Mary took me along realistic steps, supported and challenged me, held me accountable, which is a great motivation and kept my momentum going. It’s amazing, how I now see my life in the bigger picture, I am eating well, feeling great, and even training for my first half marathon this summer!

Amy from Trim, Co. Meath 

Lose weight and increase fitness

After being told I had type 2 diabetes, I didn’t feel like I had a health condition I needed to worry about. I was in denial, and so I didn’t have the motivation to follow my treatment plan. I continued living the same sort of lifestyle and diet that brought me to where I was, and I sometimes didn’t even take the medication I was prescribed.

 A friend of mine recommended Mary, he said that she would work with me to see how I was dealing with diabetes, and if she could help me with any advice to better manage my condition.

When I started the coaching sessions with Mary, she spent time exploring what my health meant to me. We talked about barriers to change, such as my attitude towards my condition, she helped me look to the future and see what I wanted it to look like. We looked at what mattered to me in my life, like seeing my grandchildren grow up or traveling to places I wanted to visit, I knew I needed to be healthy and active to do these things.

Working with this as a motivation, we created a wellness plan together with small simple steps I was ready to take. I found that I was able to change my attitude and accept my condition and start making positive changes in my life to help me deal with it, through small lifestyle adjustments and monitoring my bloods.

Mary helped me realise that I am responsible for my own wellness and that trusting myself and listening to my body and getting the support I need is so important in managing my Diabetes.

I realised that I had been neglecting my health in a lot of ways and really, looking back, my diagnosis was a wake-up call to a life I was missing out on.

I felt that with all the information and advice I was given Mary was like the missing link for me. A bridge from the diagnosis in the hospital, to making it a manageable condition that has actually made me stronger.  It helped me understand, that my visions of my future were down to me.

I did 8 sessions with Mary and they were so worth it for what I have gained.

Laura from Drogheda

Diabetes Type 2

“Stress is inevitable when running your own business and bringing up three small children on a busy dairy farm. I wanted to be healthy, to be there in future years for my children and hopefully grand-children. Therefore, my lifestyle needed to be put in check to achieve my long term goal. During the sessions I found that setting small weekly accountable targets to start creating healthy lifestyle habits really helped me to create small steps for big changes. I found Mary Conway's health and wellness coaching very valuable in understanding how to cope with stress and that taking small breaks throughout my day and learning to be in the present moment is vital part of weight loss and that it is ok to have time for me!

Alison from Meath
Stress Management and 
Weight Loss