Struggling with diabetes type 2 - "I had no energy to work. I was feeling hopeless and depressed."

Diagnosis - 

I had been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, 7 months previous. I was taking insulin and following a food plan. I was not managing my diabetes. I had no energy to work, my job was in construction. I was feeling hopeless and depressed. I had been admitted to hospital with stomach bleeding and I was also on stomach tablets. I had told my boss that I wouldn’t be able to work for much longer, I didn’t have the energy to work. I actually thought I had cancer but this was ruled out after tests.


Reaching out - 

My boss recommended Mary to me for nutritional advice, health and wellness coaching. I felt desperate; it was 3 days before Christmas and I could not go on the way I was going. So I phoned her, she listened to me, she advised me that she would take diet recommendations from the Diabetic Association of Ireland and send them to me with their helpline if I needed further advice. She advised me to get the diet plan cleared by my healthcare team before making any changes to my diet. My healthcare team approved the diet plan and I started the food plan, within a day I felt better, both mentally and physically, my blood glucose levels were staying within range. My energy levels were increasing, I felt good for the first time in a long time.


I nearly didn't make it to the first session - 

I decided to do some health and wellness coaching sessions with Mary. We started our first session the middle January.  To be honest, I nearly didn’t make it to the first session, I couldn’t sleep the night before, I bought a coffee on the way and I couldn’t even drink it. I was feeling very negative with no confidence in myself,  I was starting to talk myself out of it. I told myself that she has brought me this far and I felt she cares and after a minute of walking through the door, I knew I had made the right decision.


Mary listened to me, really listened without judgment, I felt supported and that someone cares. I felt hopeful for my future that there is life beyond my diagnosis. I left there that day with an increased confidence and belief in myself.


How it's helped me - 

-The coaching sessions helped me look at all my life not just diet and exercise.

-It made me realise I had been putting everyone first all my life which may have been a contributing factor in my diagnoses. I now am able to say NO from time to time and ask for help and support I need.

-It helped me take responsibility for myself and my wellness from now on.

-That I need to listen to my body and that I am the expert of my life.

-I was not told what to do but asked what I wanted from life and we created a plan together.

-It gave me the confidence to take steps to educate myself on my condition and my personal growth.

-We looked at any obstacles that get in the way of me staying in good health and managing my diabetes.


Now I feel like I have been given a second chance. I am off all stomach tablets and I am down from 90 to 30ml insulin /day. My HbA1c score is 5.2%. My thoughts, the way I look at things and situations, my attitude has completely changed. I am more confident to make changes to my life that I could not have done on my own without the encouragement and support I got from Mary.


Even if I live another 2 years feeling the way I do, I will die a happy man.

….but I do plan on living a lot longer.