Where my passion began - 

My passion for health and nutrition comes from my parents and growing up in County Tipperary where I developed a love for nature and whole natural foods for sustained health and well-being. I believe that everyone has the ability to implement healthy habits for better health when they are supported and encouraged to do so.


It was when I was traveling in Australia in 2000 on a 1-year visa that I noticed the growing epidemic of obesity, particularly among children. This unnerved me so much that in 2002 I decided to return home and complete a 4-year Degree in Nutritional Science.  I then moved to Trim, Co. Meath where I currently live with my husband and 2 children. I believe that we need to encourage and model healthy behaviors to our children in the prevention of illness in later life. Taking the time to do so out of our busy lives will be the best investment we can make.



Health is about enjoyment - 

I have worked in consulting, advising and educating on all aspects of nutrition and healthy living. I believe that leading a healthy life is in your thoughts as well as in your actions. It’s not just the quantity of years we get to live that’s important, but rather the quality of those years. Having fun and enjoyment with family and good friends is a very crucial part of wellbeing and life balance.



A gap in the healthcare system - 

I felt that there was a huge gap in the healthcare system - between lifestyle advice from a medical practitioner, to the person actually applying those changes to their life, and being accountable to themselves and taking responsibility for their wellness. I came to realise that telling, or instructing people what to do is way less effective than empowering and supporting them to take responsibility for themselves and their health and wellbeing. Therefore, I decided to get my coaching badges through the International Coaching Federation ICF.


I found it difficult to find a similar service, so I decided to start my own practice. I am now working with a particular focus on Stress Management, helping people get back to a place of calm. I also work with clients to manage a health condition such as Diabetes Type 2, thyroid disorders, IBS and many the result of stress. I help people take a proactive approach to their wellness and prioritise self-care. It is when they connect what they value most in their life to their goals, this helps motivate them to make better choices and lead a more healthy and fulfilling life.


I have the Nutritional and life style coaching skills to support clients in exploring all aspects of their lives, and how these might be affecting their health and happiness.


My philosophy - 

My aim is to support and encourage people to explore ALL of who they are. It’s not about fixing people, but helping them to learn and reflect on how their thoughts and habits affect how they feel.


I believe our eating habits are a doorway into all aspects of our lives. I support explorations into all areas of your life and help you identify your main sources of stress. Very often stress is at the root of health challenges and impacts how and what we eat.


I am passionate about educating and empowering people to become their own authority on what works best for them. Each of us knows our own body better than anyone else. However, it is easy to get bogged down with conflicting information regarding health and nutrition. I bring a fresh and original perspective on nutrition and lifestyle by simplifying information and applying it to the person’s individual needs.



Qualifications - 

B.Sc. Nutritional Science.


University College Cork


Advanced Health and Wellness Coaching and Mentoring

International Coach Federation Accreditation. ACC                                                                      

Real Balance Global Services,

Colorado, USA.



Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching

Certificate Stress Management    

Institute of Health Sciences Dublin



Nutritional Therapist - online course                                                                 

The Health Science Academy



Health and Social Care.  

National Vocational Qualification Level 2.

City and Guilds